Senior Javascript Developer

Remote Ethereum Classic ETCDEVTeam 2 months ago

Job description

We are looking for a person to work on Ethereum Classic official wallet, and on a JS SDK for third party developers who wants to add support for Ethereum Classic into their apps.

We need a person who can make architectural decisions, who can understand what is the most flexible way to implement JS SDK, and is able set goals and priorities.

Project & tasks

  • Lead development of Emerald Project, an SDK for Dapps and Wallets
  • Development of a reference wallet for Ethereum Classic
  • Provide Javascript libraries and UI components for 3rd party developers
  • Provide examples, documentations, support wide community of developers, participate in conferences and meetups


  • Modern Javascript (ES6, Babel, etc)
  • React, Redux, ImmutableJS
  • Material UI
  • Rust on backend (crypto, connection, etc)

Skills & Requirements

  • More than 5 years of experience with Javascript
  • Experience of building and maintaining open source Javascript libraries
  • Experience with React, Webpack, Electron, HTML and SCSS
  • Familiar with building Javascript based desktop and mobile apps
  • Familiar with Git and Linux
  • Proficient with spoken/written English, excellent communications stills
  • Good practices documenting, writing and maintaining clean code
  • Track record of Open Source contributions
  • Experience of building distributed applications
  • Self motivated, can take initiative and feel comfortable both working alone and part of a team

We strongly prefer people familiar with Ethereum Classic blockchain, especially people who has previous experience with committing to related projects

In your cover letter please provide answers to following questions:

  • what is your experience with blockchain? did you use it before? what do you know about Ethereum Classic project?
  • do you have experience in working on an open source project with a large community?
  • do you have experience working in a fully distributed team?
  • what is your skills and experience in designing a public library, i.e which is used by other developers?
  • how do you describe your skills as a software architect?